Joe Shew

Partner and Chief Operating Officer at R&R Global Partners

COO and Partner at R&R Global Partners

Chief Operations Officer can be a tough role for any professional, but a select few thrive in the challenging environment and lead businesses to greater successes than previously thought to be possible. Joe Shew happens to be a member of this elite group and has spent the bulk of his expansive career in hyper-growth environments, where he can fully focus on bringing success to the companies he assists. Joe doesn’t only bring a high level of commitment to assisting companies, he elevates those around him by helping others succeed.

It all began for Joe Shew with a Bachelor of Science in Accounting from Villanova University. Joe used his quality education as a springboard straight into a rewarding career. Beginning with one of his first professional positions at Price Waterhouse, helping others through the services his businesses offer has been a recurring theme. Whether he’s offering his expertise to companies like Walt Disney or helping to change lives through his work with Planet Fitness, Joe knows how to mix his entrepreneurial spirit with his passion for helping others.

After leaving Price Waterhouse, Joe Shew set his sights on Disney. Over the course of 4 years, Joe held several senior and financial operating roles at The Walt Disney Company. As having previously established himself as an unparalleled leader in the financial industry, it’s no surprise that he made a tremendous impact on the company. Through his leadership and attention to detail, Mr. Shew led the department that focused on providing financial support for Disney’s mergers and acquisitions, including the $19 billion acquisition of ABC.

After leaving Disney, Joe wanted to pursue a career that would allow him to help multiple companies and organizations at once. As a result, the Farnsworth Group was established. During his years as managing partner of the Farnsworth Group, Mr. Shew advised private equity firms, entrepreneurs, and business owners  in need of an experienced executive. Whether it’s capital raising, corporate finance, mergers & acquisitions, or forecasting, Joe possesses the know-how to guide them in the right direction. 

Through his current role as Partner and COO of R&R Global Partners, Joe lends his time and expertise to the company where he oversees finances, accounting, reporting, supply chain management, operations analysis, and investor relations from its home base in Bryn Mawr, PA. 

In addition to his professional leadership roles, Joe spends a great deal of his time and efforts furthering the goals of charitable organizations in his community as well as on a national level. Through his leadership, Planet Fitness has partnered with organizations including the Boys & Girls Club and career development centers to ensure the leaders of tomorrow are receiving the best possible education and opportunities. In addition to these efforts, Mr. Shew is actively involved in his company’s campaign to promote breast cancer research.